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Trendak Taifun - The new generation gyrocopter
Beautiful design that is more than skin deep. Consider what is behind the good looks: More horsepower with a 135 hp turbocharged engine. More visibility with glass above and below. More stability with dual stabilizer support beams, and the horizontal stabilizer directly in the line of thrust. More leg room. Built-in custom-fit luggage. More sound-proofing.

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Job Opportunity:
Gyrocopter Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) are needed. The growth in gyrocopter sales requires more CFI's. Gyrocopter CFI's earn a higher rate than fixed-wing CFI's. However, it is relatively quick for a fixed wing CFI to add on a gyrocopter CFI rating. Call Josh at Airgyro for more information: 801-794-3434
Dealership Opportunity:
Select dealerships in specific areas in the USA for Artur Trendak Gyrocopters will be granted. Applicants must be able to provide certified flight training and certified maintenance services as well as sell the aircraft. A desirable location on an airport is required. Call Josh at Airgyro for more information: 801-794-3434