Gyrocopter Models
Tercel - the best two place, enclosed gyrocopter in the world
  • 2017 European Champion. Read why.
  • Design Features that beat the competition. Read why.
  • Performance Specifications that are superior. Read why.
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Taurus - the three place gyrocopter designed with more lift and more cabin space
  • Designed to do heavy lifting. Read why.
  • Designed to hold camera and scanning equipment. Read why.
  • Performance Specifications that are superior. Read why.
Experience what it's like to be a pilot
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We train pilots using real scenarios - such as aerial searching.

On the very first experience, you will take the controls and learn how to maneuver the gyrocopter, locating targets on the ground.

If you love it, you can continue with the training course. If not, you will have had an amazing experience.

Is flying as a pilot on your bucket list? This is your chance!
Year-end Sale on Gyrocopters:
Three-place Taurus Sale: Get a special price on our largest capacity gyrocopter. It is in stock in our hangar and can be seen and flown now. Call 801-794-3434 for details and a flight appointment.
Two-place Tercel Sale: There is one two-place Tercel kit available at the factory in Poland. It can also be purchased at a very special year-end price. It does not include a radio, but that can be added here in the USA. Buy it now, so it can arrive before Spring next year. Call Josh at 801-794-3434.