The Tercel two place gyrocopter is our high performance model.
When you need speed and altitude, this aircraft can compete with a Light Sport Airplane.

But the Tercel can fly lower and slower than an airplane. (In fact it can’t stall). You will see more, safely, at a lower altitude and a much lower speed, in this aircraft.

The visibility for pilot and passenger is unrestricted, from both sides of the aircraft, above, to the sides and below, and through the windows in the floor.

It will take off in a shorter distance, and can land with just enough room to clear the rotor blades - where airplanes can’t land. If you are in a jam, you won’t end up taxiing into things you’d rather miss.

It is so much smoother in turbulence, handles wind better than fixed wing airplanes, is easier to fly, and has such a very low operating cost using only 5 - 6 gallons per hour, it is easy to see why people get excited about this rotorcraft.

It can be equipped with floats, with skis, with tundra wheels, or regular wheels. It is engineered to go anywhere.

Call Airgyro to schedule an introductory flight training session. You will be able to experience the difference of flying in a gyrocopter. It will be a calmer, safer way to fly.

Tercel w/ 135 Horsepower Rotax Turbocharged Engine - Performance Specifications

Cruise Speed
87 mph
Max Speed
108 mph
130 mph
Climb Rate
1,200 Ft. Minute
Glide Ratio
Minimum Take-off
328 feet
Minimum Landing Roll
17 feet
Maximum Altitude
14,000 feet
Fuel Burn
5.28 gallons per hour
Fuel Capacity
22.19 gallons. 31.7 gallons optional
Fuel Weight Full
133.14 lbs. Or 190.2 lbs
3.36 or 6 hours
271.41 or 521.95 miles
Empty Weight
628.32 lbs.
Max Weight
1,319.91 lbs.
Payload minus fuel
558 lbs or 501 lbs w/ bigger fuel tanks
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