Rise Above It All

A flying saucer with windows below your feet to see everything below. A flying saucer that is immune from being buffeted by wind bursts.
A flying saucer that is more fun to fly because it can turn on a dime.

Javelin on the ground & in the air

Javelin Gyrocopter

A two person aircraft with extended cargo capacity. This is the flying saucer you want for carrying equipment, luggage, or other big payloads. It can carry ground communication transceivers for coordinating air and ground patrols. It can carry lidar scanning equipment. It has a door in the floor for mounting camera equipment. It can carry plenty of luggage. Or, it can be configured with a stretcher to carry an injured or disabled person.

Training in a Spartan

Spartan Gyrocopter

Our most popular aircraft for two people. It is the best flying saucer for pilot training because it can be flown from either seat. It has a wide center console and spacious room. None of this shoulder to shoulder crowding that you experience in most 2 seater gyrocopters. And side by side training, with the instructor beside you, is vastly better than training in a tandem seat aircraft, where the instructor is behind you. From behind, he can't even see your hands on the controls, nor your arm and body motions, nor can he prevent you from making a bad move.

Scenario-based Training Program

The Quest Flight Training

There is a fun way to learn to fly. Learn by carrying out scenarios such as locating interesting landmarks and performing maneuvers around them. Or by engaging in timed competitions over a designated route. Progress to the point that you can shoot targets on the ground from your aircraft. There are so many fun games to play, while you build your pilot skills. (Or you could circle the airport practicing touch and go take-offs and landings, with the boring traditional training approach.)


Airgyro Aviation LLC

Airgyro Aviation has been in business selling and supporting gyrocopters since January of 2004. We have an 18 year track record of being here to support our customers. Our factory is currently in Poland, where we source our major components. But all the other components, from instruments to seat covers, are sourced by your local dealer, to give you local support.


Authorized Dealers

We sell through authorized dealers, who are usually in locations with year-round flying weather. That makes it possible to take training in the best conditions. And it is a nice place to go for your builder assistance. And Airgyro Aviation LLC backs up our dealers with products, training, and support.