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How Airgyro Aviation improved an already great aircraft design to create our own new AG-915 gyrocopter:

What is better about the new AG-915 model?

Structural Improvements

The cabin is now a one-piece carbon-fibre monocoque structure, reducing weight and providing additional safety to the crew. The inner headliner structure has been tripled in width to dramatically increase the forward / backward strength of the cabin. This greatly improves support to sustain the mast traction and vibrations that can otherwise fatigue the frontal structure of the cabin. The new structure also strongly reinforces the roof of the cabin, so that now it is possible to stand on the roof when working on the rotors. Previous models design did not have a monolithic mast "pocket". This is now the case, dramatically improving mast support in this area. The central tunnel, that provides a structural ‘spine’ to the cabin, was previously glued. Now it is fully integrated into the monolithic construction, greatly adding to the strength. A small lip, protruding in the front, has been created to add strength in this highly-stressed zone. The lip permits the installation of a metallic plate, a cover only, which is not structural. We have changed the method of construction at the back of the cabin. It is now flat, without the ‘step’ in the middle. The exit of the controls to the rotor (in the bottom rear section) is now covered by the monolithic rear surface of the cabin, which was not the case before. This increases the strength of the cabin rear wall at the bottom, and protects this sensitive control mechanism, increasing safety.

What makes the AG-915 so much more comfortable?

Interior Improvements

The Cabin now offers an even more comfortable, ergonomic and spacious environment than ever before. There are new, very comfortable and ergonomically-shaped, ventilated leather seats, with extra foam padding, and optional electrical heating for back and seat. We added extra cushioning on the leather central armrest, and now have custom crafted high quality floor carpets. We have top quality, pure carbon-fiber, interior finishing, quality ceiling aircraft vents for heating with thermostat and windshield defrosting. The doors have been redesigned with their hinges on the forward leading edge, with a revised door lock and security backup, providing additional safety in the event of accidental opening in flight. The instrument panel has been redesigned to accommodate the latest avionics and GPS systems and now together with all interior panels can be made using pure carbon composites. We added exclusive medium grey velour interior, to provide extra sound proofing.

What are the improvements to its flight characteristics?

Flight Control Improvements

We are now introducing carbon composite high inertia rotor blades, and a custom-designed hub bar, as an alternative to the aluminum rotors. The undercarriage main wheels have been moved 5 cm rearwards, not only to accommodate the increased length of the cabin, but also to improve take-off performance. The shift increases the load on the front wheel of the gyro, contributing indirectly to an increase in the load on the rotor in the initial phase of the take-off. Thus the rotor spins up more quickly, reducing the take-off length. We now have electric trims, improved carbon composite landing gear, new brakes and wheels, an optional MT hydraulic variable pitch propeller with one lever controller, LED landing lights & strobes, and a new pre-rotation system that can reach up to 250 rpm. There are now multi-piston hydraulic brakes, integrated to be flush with the rim and a more flexible, quick dismounting axle. We upgraded to LED Landing lights, 260 W total power, for 270 degrees of illumination plus long range 500 meter coverage.

What makes ithe AG-915 so much more powerful?

Power plant Improvements

The amazing new ROTAX 915 iS engine delivers 141 HP, turbocharged, to help us achieve a higher cruise speed than ever before. (Up to 200 km/hr IAS). This engine uses electronic fuel injection, and has a full electronic engine management system with automatic altitude compensation. The engine provides full sea level power up to 15,000 feet msl. Critical altitude for the engine is 23,000 feet. Fuel consumption at 5000 rpm and 81kW power, shows the engine uses under 5 gallons per hour of avgas. We beefed up the cabin back frame so that we can directly attach the engine using the factory designed motor mounts. We have added additional NACA air ducts, inserted in the upper engine cowling to improve cooling airflow to the top of this more powerful engine. This engine makes for the most powerful gyrocopter we have ever flown. Take-offs are shorter, heavier passengers can be accommodated, reserve power is available like never before.

About Airgyro Aviation

We have been selling and servicing Gyrocopters for over 16 years. We have proven that we can be relied upon for the long run.

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