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Alvaro Tovar

Director of International Operations

Email --
Phone -- (801) 794-3434
Call between 6 am and 10 am

Alvaro divides his time between our supplier factory in Europe and our USA operations. (Our number reaches him anywhere in the world) In Europe, at the factory, he works on ensuring the quality and delivery of our sales orders, works on our certification project, and works on international distribution of our new model aircraft. He test flies aircraft with new components. And he creates our training and marketing videos. He travels to countries where we are establishing new distributors. When in the USA, he works with our growing dealer network, to ensure they are experts in flying and maintaining our model of gyrocopter.

Alvaro's Background

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Alvaro first began flying gyrocopters in the Colombian Military in South America, where he flew drug interdiction missions over the jungles and mountains. He has years of experience flying and supporting gyrocopters in all kinds of situations and conditions.

He is a Certified Flight Instructor in the USA, in Colombia, and in Poland. What sets Alvaro apart is his focus on adapting training techniques to suit different individuals. "One size fits all" training ignores that each student has different strengths and weakness when at the controls of an aircraft.

He also has completed factory training in the maintenance and service of our type of gyrocopters.

South Africa

Greg Vos, CFI, Test Pilot

FAFK Airport
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